Simulate your credit redemption

You have several consumer credits outstanding and you want to get a cheap credit redemption. For that, one has to simulate a credit redemption to estimate the achievable gain. Do not wait, a credit redemption or credit consolidation can allow you
to balance your budget again.

How to do a credit consolidation simulation?

Simulating a credit redemption is the same operation as a credit simulation. Simply enter all of your credits, online credits, auto loans and overdrafts in our simulator. We can then do a loan simulation for your credit buyback. If this credit simulation is right for you, then you can make a credit redemption online.

Redeeming credits: who pays for the credits?

Redeeming credits: who pays for the credits?

For a grouping of consumer credit without mortgage, it is always the financial institution that offers you the repurchase of loan that will repay each credit on your behalf and for your account, with the amount remaining due defined during the offer loan. This remaining amount is calculated upon redemption. We retain the remaining principal just after the last monthly payment shown on the last statement of account provided. When the financing arrives, you will have paid for one or two monthly payments of credit. Banks and credit agencies receive the letters with the refund check. At that time, after cashing checks, each organization calculates the overpayment and refunds you directly either by check or by transfer to your account.

For a repurchase of mortgage with mortgage, it is always the notary in charge of the mortgage registration which will refund the various credit organizations and that under its responsibility.

The repurchase of credit with a simulator

The repurchase of credit with a simulator

In fact, a simulator gives you indications of debt before surrender and after the establishment of the credit redemption, the rate, the duration of the loan redemption and the new monthly payment. It is only with the documents that we will be able to obtain an offer of loan of repurchase of credit.

The repurchase of loans is a specific financial transaction. It is better to go to professionals specializing in the repurchase of credit like New Loan, especially when it comes to a home loan repurchase with a mortgage.

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