Finally the first serious and really advantageous non-bank loan?


Due to its parameters, the loan is still relatively little known among the most advantageous and fair non-bank loans in the the country. This is evidenced by reviews and customer experience and the parameters of this loan.

The main advantages of loans

The main advantages of ClickCredit loans

The biggest advantage of the the loan is that it is really cheap – unprecedented. Judge for yourself, for every 1000 USD borrowed you pay only 33 USD, nothing more. So if you borrow USD 3,000 for example, you will pay USD 99 (ie a total of USD 3,099) for which the loan has a fixed and uniform maturity of 30 days.

Similarly, you will not find a profitable loan among non-bank providers, and as a result, the loan has already been awarded several times in independent tests as the fairest non-bank loan.

APR from 48%!

The advantage of the loan is most clearly shown in a direct comparison of the APRC (ie the annual interest rate of costs). This parameter best describes how much the loan will actually cost you (how much you pay in total). The APR under 48% is an unprecedented value for micro-loans.

Benefits of a loan

  • Record low interest rate – APR only 48%

  • You know exactly how much you pay in advance

  • No hidden fees for settlement, negotiation and early repayment

  • No need to prove your financial income!

  • Possibility to extend repayment period for very low fee

  • Reliability and excellent reviews from other clients


  • Lower approvals
  • Unavailability for applicants with an entry in the debtors register

The best non-bank loan

The best non-bank loan

We would therefore recommend the loan in a situation where you need a smaller amount before the payout (ideally up to 3000 USD). Thanks to the background of the company and the verification of the loan you do not have to worry about fraud or unfair practices. The loan here is really fair, as evidenced by unusually low penalties in the case of late repayment .

In addition, everything can be arranged online and the money can be collected in cash at the terminals – the resume is so obvious – the best non-bank loan!